Loved Project Shirt


This item ships for free and is a limited edition. They are selling fast!

We created the Reloved "loved" shirt to help wrap the women in your lives in love. You can let her know you’ve got her back with a stitched in label that can be personalized for her. The powerful graphic on the front feels like armour and will give her strength as it reminds her that she is ‘loved’.

We are not in the business of fashion, but we are in the business of building and being a part of a positive community. Proceeds will go to The Canadian Women’s Foundation. This organization empowers women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence. With hands in almost every community, they support, educate and promote women in all aspects of their lives. We believe in the power of women and the power of love. 

Let’s start a movement.

Post a picture of your "loved" shirt with #loved