About Us





We are the pair behind Reloved Vintage Paint.  How exciting to say!  We are sisters-in-law, paintaholics, and love discovering new uses for old things. 

This is really how Reloved started.  Andrea (on the left) inherited a whack of furniture, so much that the garage door barely closed.  What to do?  Paint it of course! It was like hitting the jackpot, until we discovered painting furniture was a long process.  There had to be a better way.  That’s when we found chalk paint. Problem solved?  No.  It was way too expensive and the quality seemed all over the place. Andrea decided it was time to get crafty, combining her background in chemistry with a lot of hard work and Reloved was born.  

Sound easy?  It wasn’t. There were batches upon batches that didn’t work. It took months to get the formula just right, different from the rest and even affordable.  We painted and painted until it was just right. People started asking for the magic paint and it grew organically into Reloved Vintage Paint. 

 Lucky us…we mean it.  Now, we get to work with incredible retailers and people who also have a passion to paint and create new uses out of old things.  

 Reloved is the little community we are happy to have started, and one we are working to grow into other areas.  We are so excited we get to continue to explore the places Reloved takes us.

 Happy Reloving!

We love to hear from you! Please contact us with any questions, concerns or requests.
info@reloved.ca      780-700-0745