Let the New Year Begin....with a new piece of furniture! December 28 2012, 28 Comments

Take stock around your house....this is the time of year to purge the old, but don't get rid of it...relove it!  Seriously....go room by room and wite down what pieces you think need a new home or even a new look.  That's how you start....make the list then get ready to create new spaces with your stuff! 




Chaise Lounge - This piece would be great for reading or lounging....needs to go somewhere you can find a quiet spot.

Side Table- This should stay, but the room needs colour....lets relove it.

The options are simple move the piece of art/decor/furniture to a new place in the house where it can be re-appreciated or bring new character.  The other option is to relove it.  This step takes a little more work, but it is really so satisfying.  When you are done someone will ask where and when you got the new table.

Here are some ideas....

Use the Reloved chalk paint and skip the sanding or do it the old fashioned way!  Colour trends for 2013 show it's out with the biege and in with the bold....that is for small pieces that can make a quiet statement.  Don't be afraid to paint the table lime green....take a chance on purple or fall in love with our island colour.  You will not regret your choice....and remember it's just paint! 

Once you have the piece painted...use a sanding block to remove paint from all the edges...this will give you the antique look.  Finish your project by waxing the furniture piece.  To do that grab a sqaure piece of cotton and put a glob of wax in the middle.  Twist the cloth around it and just rub it on the furniture.  This seals the piece and adds a cool look...a look that is on trend for 2013.

To make sure your bold piece fits remember to add some nuetral tones to it....with books, a bowl, or a lamp.


Talk soon...