RELOVED CLASSES April 16 2013, 17775 Comments


Finishing a piece of furniture should always be a fun, creative, and, we are taking the guess work out of it with the Reloved furniture restoration class.  This is not your ordinary class...expect to talk lots, laugh often, and leave feeling ready to tackle all your projects.

Here are the basics:



WHEN: APRIL 27, 2013 



There are only 10 available spots in the class and they are filling up quickly.  The class is $250 for the day....It starts at 10 am and runs until about 4.  All you have to do is bring an unfinished piece of furniture...everything you need to Relove it will be there.  We will have our complete line of Vintage Paint and all the supplies that you will need.  You will be able to complete your piece that day with a basic finish, but we will show you how to create several other finishes (Vintage, Shabby Chic, Antique, Crisp) so the only limit once you leave is your imagination.

Please e-mail us at to sign up or if you have any questions.



Let the New Year Begin....with a new piece of furniture! December 28 2012, 28 Comments

Take stock around your house....this is the time of year to purge the old, but don't get rid of it...relove it!  Seriously....go room by room and wite down what pieces you think need a new home or even a new look.  That's how you start....make the list then get ready to create new spaces with your stuff! 




Chaise Lounge - This piece would be great for reading or lounging....needs to go somewhere you can find a quiet spot.

Side Table- This should stay, but the room needs colour....lets relove it.

The options are simple move the piece of art/decor/furniture to a new place in the house where it can be re-appreciated or bring new character.  The other option is to relove it.  This step takes a little more work, but it is really so satisfying.  When you are done someone will ask where and when you got the new table.

Here are some ideas....

Use the Reloved chalk paint and skip the sanding or do it the old fashioned way!  Colour trends for 2013 show it's out with the biege and in with the bold....that is for small pieces that can make a quiet statement.  Don't be afraid to paint the table lime green....take a chance on purple or fall in love with our island colour.  You will not regret your choice....and remember it's just paint! 

Once you have the piece painted...use a sanding block to remove paint from all the edges...this will give you the antique look.  Finish your project by waxing the furniture piece.  To do that grab a sqaure piece of cotton and put a glob of wax in the middle.  Twist the cloth around it and just rub it on the furniture.  This seals the piece and adds a cool look...a look that is on trend for 2013.

To make sure your bold piece fits remember to add some nuetral tones to it....with books, a bowl, or a lamp.


Talk soon...






Here we go! December 14 2012, 27 Comments

Have you ever just wanted to make something?  We always did and really always do...that is how Reloved started...a passion to create something beautiful.  This blog will tell you a little about us, about what we do, and about the journey to becoming a successful business.  Today is the first a little about us. 

My name is Desiree Vienneau and I've always walked in to a room and envisioned it exactly how it could be.  Seeing it was easy....creating it has taken some time.  I still can't sew (something I will learn and document along the way!)....but I can work a hot glue gun or any power tool!  I've always re-done rooms for friends and family...a few jobs here and there until I met my business partner Andrea.  She was the same...really...she saw it...knew how to create it and had the same drive I did to make this a reality. 

Andrea is a mom of 4 and crafty doesn't even begin to describe her skill...she can create anything and has an eye for the detail (something you will learn that I am still working on!).  Andrea knows how to make anything and is willing to take the time to figure out how to do it right the first time.

Together we make up "Reloved."  It's our passion...our side project and hopefully someday it will be a household name. 

Fun is part of the lure of this business...the fun hunting for furniture looking for a new lease on life, the fun getting lost on a side road to no where with someone who will laugh with you, and the fun in seeing the end result of a project that  felt like it may never end.

We are about the journey because that is where the story is.  Reloved is Interior Design, Staging, Furniture Restoration, Paint, Classes, and Home Decor. 

Stay tuned to this blog to learn about furniture restoration, to hear the funny stories behind the search for the perfect piece, tips on dealing with contractors, and fun ideas you can create in your home.

Learn to love the Reloved with us.

10 sleeps 'til Christmas... December 13 2012, 29 Comments

We're preparing for Saturday in St Albert. We're loading up all of our treasures and heading to the market. AAAAh! It's going to be hard to let them go. So many hours go into each piece and they aren't 'finished' until we love them enough to want to keep them for ourselves. 

We'll have a bunch of Mason Jar Drinking Glasses. Great sippy cups to make sure you don't spill your holiday cheer! Santa's Gift Sacks are ready too. Giant burlap bags with printed canvas signs and gorgeous satin ribbons to close them.