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Fat Pants Trail Mix December 07 2015, 0 Comments


It’s the time of year to really share the love and gift all of the important people in our lives. Here’s one that will not last long in anyone’s hands ( I even caught a little thief in this picture!) 


After the third batch of Peppermint Bark had been eaten before it made out the door as gifts we were in the mood for something a bit different. There is no peppermint in this concoction, but there is a ton of chocolatey goodness. Consider it a hybrid of the seasonal box of chocolates and Granny’s homemade trail mix.


All we did was choose our favourite things and mix them together along with a few leftover Halloween candies. The eclectic assortment is colourful and delicious and SO going to be the reason for Fat Pants this Christmas. 


Our packaging of choice - paint cans! Of course. Any packaging will do, dollar stores usually have a lot to choose from. Our mix included Mini Oreos, Chocolate Chip Teddy Grahams, Cadbury Buttons, Mini Eggs, Skittles, bite size Snickers, Crispy Crunch, Tootsie Rolls, Reese’s Pieces, and a few other little random Halloween packages. Just choose your favourite things, keep them all a uniform size and remove any wrappers. The total cost on the candy we bought was $19.00 and the whole batch filled 7 of the quart sized Christmas paint cans. That’s a pretty cute gift for only $2.71 each and a perfect kid project. Mine loved helping choose the ingredients, getting it all together and packaging it up. I loved that there was no mess. 
Hope you have the best Fat Pant season yet!